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My husband has been treated by Dr C for over 2 years. If it were not for Dr. Christensen recognizing that my husband’s back was in very bad shape, my husband would barely be walking around today. Dr. Christensen referred him to a top notch neurosurgeon and had a great outcome. My husband is still an active patient with Dr. Christensen, even after his back surgery, and he is doing better each day.

Dr. Christensen has one of the biggest hearts and truly cares for his patients. “INTEGRITY” should be his middle name. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
— Tina Hobbs

I have gone a few times. His staff is always nice, respectful, as far as Dr. Christensen he is a wonderful caring and takes my pain very seriously and I have great respect for his treatment. I have been in so much pain and it has helped me and has made the pain a little more bearable. I have never had a doctor who I like and dislike for the injection but look forward to see him again.
— sandra resendez

From the second I walked into his office, I was treated with the utmost of care and hospitality. Dr. Christensen took his time to discuss treatment options and truly get to the root of my pain. Never thought living life pain-free would be so enjoyable! Thank you, Dr. Christensen!
— John Ditmars

Excellent doctor. Has met every expectation above, and beyond. Bedside manners are top notch. Had a radio frequency Ablation on my lower back today and my back has already started to feel better. Highly recommended.
— Phillip Morrow

As a chronic pain patient for over 15 years, I’ve seen many doctors and surgeons for relief. As a new resident of Oklahoma, it took a bit of effort to land in the extremely competent hands of Dr. Christensen and his staff that operates like a well oiled machine! His optimism and confidence in treating me is refreshing. I am blessed to be his patient. I have another injection with him next week...and I’m feeling more positive about my pain management than I have in a while!
— Lisa Massey

My wife has had problems with her spine for many years. We’ve been to many specialists over the years. Many shots in her back. A lot of pills. A friend of my wife told her about Dr. Christensen. We went to him and he made everything seem so simple. He told us what the problem was and what he was going to do about it. All I can say is she is much better. No pain at all. We just can hardly believe it.
— John Burdick

After I retired my back began hurting most of the time. My Personal Phsychian recommend Dr. Christiansen. He is very personable and has a great beside manner. I’m very comfortable around him when he is giving me pain shots or radio therapy. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.
— Barbara stacks

This is my first experience with pain management and so far it has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Christensen is kind, friendly, caring and very knowledgeable! He is the first doctor, of many, to finally find out what is wrong with my back and offer me a solution to managing the pain. I could not be more happy with Dr. Christensen and his staff and would recommend them to everyone!
— Paige Skala

I met Dr. Christensen after a terrible experience with a pain management doctor in the area. I had nearly given up on the idea of finding a good, caring and competent doctor. I’ve been batteling a chronic illness for over 10 years now and in that time I’ve met a lot of doctors. I’m telling you, this is a good one. His staff is friendly and helpful. They return phone calls and answer questions. You never feel rushed or like a number on a chart. Dr Christensen is really good at what he does, he takes his time to explain things and get the right treatment plan not just the quick one. He’s a blessing to me and i can tell he is one to many others too. Last time i was in their office, he had been working late and on Saturdays in December to make sure his patients got the relief they needed before the new year. That is rare and amazing. I’m thankful for these people.
— Lyndsey Phillips

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