One of the more serious – and more common – issues people have with their backs is Scoliosis.

Do you have scoliosis? If so, please contact Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers to learn about how we can ease your suffering. We’re eager to help.

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, typically developed during a child’s growth spurt before they hit puberty. While many of these cases are considered mild and non-symptomatic, scoliosis can sometimes develop into a more disabling case. You or your child may need to see a specialist if:

  • Your spine is obviously curved

  • You have uneven/raised shoulders or shoulder blades

  • One hip feels or looks higher than the other

  • You find yourself leaning to one side

  • Your rib-cage isn’t symmetrical, which can cause trouble breathing

While some patients might never know exactly what caused their scoliosis to manifest, it is important that it be treated as soon as possible. There is nothing that can prevent scoliosis from developing, but there are things you can do – sometimes even non-surgically – to help relieve the associated pain. That’s where Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers comes into play.

At our clinic, we treat those with scoliosis so they can live a normal life without constantly feeling hindered by pain. If you’re ready to end your suffering and start living the life you were meant to, please reach out to Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers today.



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