Do you think you have a disk injury?

If so, please contact Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers to learn about how we can ease your suffering. We’re eager to help.

The body is built to withstand an unbelievable amount of pressure and force, something that wouldn’t be possible if your spine wasn’t strong. The discs that separate your vertebrae allow a strong and stable spine to move in a wide range of motion, but sometimes, one of those discs “slips,” and this bulge or herniation can cause excruciating pain.

Disc injuries, such as bulging or herniated disks, are not just common in athletes. They rear their ugly heads almost daily across the world and – contrary to popular belief – they’re typically not the result of a traumatic injury.

Is it possible that strong and healthy discs shift out of place because of one single stress-related event?

Yes, but it isn’t common. The culprit, in most cases, is improper movement patterns.

Think about it: your body performs a hinging movement hundreds (and sometime thousands) of times every day. If you aren’t using your leg, hip and back muscles properly, then eventually something is going to give. Something as simple as bending down to pick up a dropped pencil could be, as the old adage goes, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

So, if you’re not in pain but notice that you are chronically walking, sitting and bending with poor posture, learn how to fix it. If your spine has already reached its breaking point, you need to take action. That’s where we come in.

At Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers, the first treatment may not be surgery or prescription pain medication. Pain medication simply offer a short term solution that is far outweighed by the long term repercussions, and surgery should always be seen as a last-resort that only becomes an option when all other treatments fail.

Believe it or not, your pain may be treated without the use of opioids. We help our patients learn how to move in a safer and more efficient way while also addressing the specific issues they are facing head-on via various stimulation, injection and physical therapy methods. This approach not only helps to alleviate painful nerve symptoms, but also allows the body to move into the healing phase of the recovery process.

We know you’re in pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. At Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers, we can help you get better, and we can do it in a way that has been proven to be both safe and effective.



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