Are you suffering from neck pain?

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Neck pain is a far too common complaint of many patients in pain treatment centers. The pain associated often comes from one of two sources: disc injuries and poor posture.

Unfortunately, many Americans exhibit poor posture on a daily basis. Whether you work a desk job or like to lay on the couch relaxing, your shoulders are almost always hunching forward. This position forces your upper back to round, which shoots your head forward and out of alignment.

Your head is meant to be positioned in a way so your torso can take the weight off your spine. If your head juts forward, the only thing keeping it from breaking off is your neck, and over time this leads to chronic pain and injury. There is, however, a fix: practice better posture. Get yourself in the proper alignment, and everything else will fall into place.

While this one-step solution will help relieve many of the pain symptoms people experience, it isn’t always so simple. Sometimes, there are actual injuries that need to be addressed, and before you go fusing your vertebrae together, you should seriously consider Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers to treat your condition.

Whether you’re dealing with a herniated or bulging disc, radiating numbness, stiffness, tenderness, or having problems with your motor control skills, we can be of assistance. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment so we can help you get back to the pain-free lifestyle you’re used to living.



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