Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers: The mental effects of chronic pain

Chronic pain can create a host of problems for people affected by it. It can make some activities harder or even impossible. But the effects of chronic pain are not just physical; the mental effects of chronic pain can be just as dangerous and debilitating as the physical effects. Dr. Christensen of Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers is here to talk about these mental effects.

The mental effects of chronic pain can take some time to appear, as the pain itself isn’t what causes these symptoms. Instead, it’s the prolonged exposure to the pain that wears people down. No one person is a rock, and over time the chronic pain from diseases like arthritis can sap a person’s motivation and energy. Over time, these effects can worsen and lead to depression-like symptoms. These symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty focusing on simple tasks

  • Less interpersonal interactions

  • A desire for a simpler life.

Most people will try to achieve that simpler life through isolation and quiet. Another common symptom of mental strain is increased sleep. Sleep can dull the bodies reaction to pain, making it more manageable. As a result, some people deal with their chronic pain by sleeping more. It’s not uncommon for people suffering from chronic pain to spend upwards of 10 hours a day sleeping. If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms and also suffer from Chronic pain, call Dr. Christensen of Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers today!

There’s even some evidence that exposure to chronic pain can re-wire the brain. After prolonged exposure to chronic pain, the brain can start to anticipate when bouts of pain are incoming. What this can lead to is an increase in anxiety as people constantly worry about when their next bout of pain is going to come. This anxiety, paradoxically, can lead to trouble sleeping as it compounds with the depression-like symptoms mentioned earlier.

Unchecked chronic pain can lead to a downward spiral. Early effective pain treatment can help to avoid this! Don’t wait; if you’ve got chronic pain, give Dr. Christensen of Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers a call today at 405-751-0011!

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