Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers Team Explains Insomnia Caused By Pain In Cervical Spine

Many researchers and doctors have discovered a connection between Brain Stem Subluxation (a problem in the upper neck) and insomnia. With that being said, even those who do sleep but feel unrested or can’t turn their mind off could have a potential issue. The Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team would like to talk to you if you feel like sleep or rest is difficult to obtain for you due to pain in your cervical spine or upper neck.

What research and experience tells our physicians is that the nerve cells in the brainstem, or reticular formation, activate portions of your brain that produce wakefulness and sleepiness. That means that signals fire to and from the brain, and if the cervical spine is not functioning as normal, insomnia could occur due to an interrupted signal.

You may wonder how this sort of thing can happen to you. The truth is that pain in the neck, shoulders and arms can be caused by a pinched nerve or inflamed nerve in the cervical spine. Conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or arthritis can compress and pinch nerves, causing inflammation and pain. These conditions can occur over time or as a result of accidents, and these injuries result in problems in the spinal area.

Imagine not sleeping well and then not being able to function properly all day as a result. Sleep is vital, especially since most people spend roughly one-third of their life sleeping. Our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers physicians believe that a decent night’s rest is important for being able to navigate through workloads, family time, and having an abundant personal life. If you’re not sleeping due to a problem in your cervical spine, just know that the vicious cycle can begin to cause other problems with your overall health.

If you’re suffering from insomnia or have problems getting decent rest while sleeping, you may just need to consult with our team about epidural injections or possibly other treatments our center offers.

Feel free to contact the Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team so that we can help you get back to sleep! We can be reached at 405-751-0011.

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