Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers reveals 5 Myths About Chronic Pain: Part 4

In part one, part two and part three of this blog series, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team has provided a total of three out of five myths about chronic pain. Today, we’re revealing the last blog in this series, and it details the final two myths with hopes that outsiders looking in on a chronic pain sufferer may see these people in a new light.

Chronic Pain Myth #4: If it’s undiagnosed, then the pain must not be real. 

People suffering from chronic pain often battle with the pain for years without a diagnosis. Most patients with chronic pain have tried various types of treatment methods to no avail. It can become discouraging to try to explain what the pain feels like to someone who has no idea. Family, friends, and co-workers often combat with statements of skepticism.

The truth: Seeing isn’t believing, despite what many people argue. Just because a specific pain hasn’t been categorized, given a name, or been diagnosed doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Chronic pain is complex, and it requires specialized doctors (like those at Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers) to properly diagnose.

Chronic Pain Myth #5: All chronic pain sufferers just want to abuse opioids.

The use of opioids (a class of drugs that produce morphine-like effects) is a common treatment for chronic pain, but it is not the only option. Too often, chronic pain sufferers are presented with very few pain management options, and that’s when they resort to medication or surgery for relief. Of course, medication only alleviates pain and discomfort temporarily. It doesn’t actually target the root of the pain. Surgery can be more long-term, but in some cases, it takes multiple surgeries before relief comes.

The truth: There are so many interventional pain management OKC treatments that don’t involve surgery or medication. With the proper treatment, people with chronic pain can experience pain relief without the side effects or risks of overdosing on medication.

At Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers, our physicians are passionate about innovative pain management treatment with interventional therapies. To schedule a consultation with our specialized doctors, contact us today at 405-751-0011.

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