Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers: Managing shingles pain

Today, we’re talking about chickenpox – or, more specifically, the virus that causes chickenpox.

When this virus reactivates inside a person, it turns into the illness called shingles, or Herpes Zoster. Many people associate this illness with its rashes, and while that is the main symptom of shingles, ongoing pain can also be a problem for many afflicted. Our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers physicians would love to help you get relief if you’re suffering from shingles pain.

Have you had shingles?

Many patients fail to realize the onset of shingles when it’s first happening to them because it develops in slow stages. Early symptoms of shingles include sensitivity to light, headaches, and flu-like symptoms without any fever. It can actually take several days or even weeks before the rashes start to appear. First, you’re more likely to feel pain, burning, tickling, tingling, and/or numbness in the affected nerves and surrounding areas.

Later, rashes can appear anywhere on the body, but in most cases, they stay on one side of the body. The rash starts out as blisters and then scab over. After a few weeks, the scabs will go away, but it’s quite possible for the pain to last for weeks, months, and even years. This is the final stage of shingles, referred to as “postherpetic neuralgia” (PHN). PHN is most commonly associated with pain in the forehead. Patients may find it difficult to eat, sleep, and do daily activities. In some cases, depression may result from the pain.

Our pain management OKC specialist can help patients suffering from long-term pain caused by shingles by using a lumbar sympathetic block. Lumbar sympathetic blocks work by blocking the sympathetic nerves that go to the leg on the same side as the injection. If the first response provides a reaction and pain reduction, our pain management OKC doctor will recommend that you repeat the injections. Usually, the problem requires a string of injections to be treated. Some patients may be treated in just a few injections while others will require more. The response to injections will vary between patients.

If you’re having trouble with daily activities because you’re in pain, please don’t wait to call our physicians at Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers. Dr. Christensen operates by appointment, so set up yours by calling 405-751-0011 today.

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