How Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers Specialists Detect Damaged Discs

As you age or get injured, it can be common for spinal discs to become cracked, torn, or to develop fissures. This condition is called internal disc disruption, or “degenerative disc disease.” Over time, the weakened disc can begin to bulge, causing a herniated disc. You may feel the pain in the neck or back, but you may not be exactly certain as to whether you have a damaged disc. Often times, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers therapists can help provide a few answers with a discogram.

A discogram can typically help our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers therapists to determine both whether your pain is actually caused by a damaged disc and which disc is the culprit of the pain. Sometimes, patients may have multiple damaged discs.

To determine where the pain is coming from, the discogram procedure is performed using fluoroscopic x-ray guidance. Our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers discograms are performed under sterile conditions, and intravenous antibiotics are given to patients prior to the procedure. Sedation is provided to help you be comfortable and relaxed while you’re being monitored with an EKG.

After proper cleansing of the skin is complete, a needle is passed under x-ray guidance into the disc or discs to be studied. The Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers therapist asks the patient questions about pain levels as the procedure continues to gage abnormalities. The entire procedure may take 20-30 minutes per level injections. Most patients are recommended to rest for two to three days after the injection.

After testing is complete, a treatment plan can be created for you.

Do you feel as though you may be suffering from a damaged disc – or maybe even a few of them? If so, one of the best ways to find out for certain is via a discogram test. We’d be happy to help determine your source of pain and provide some much-needed answers.

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