Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers: Treatment With Epidural Injections

Degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine (or lower back) refers to a syndrome in which a compromised disc causes low back pain. One might be inclined to think that this type of disease is caused by trauma, such as a car accident, but that’s rarely the case. In most circumstances, the true cause probably has many factors. Most likely, degenerative disc disease is often caused by low energy injury to the disc that progresses with time. Luckily, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team can provide relief to those with degenerative disc disease.

Pain from degenerative disc disease is caused by a combination of instability at the motion segment and inflammation from the degenerated discs; thus, it makes sense that you’d want to try something that might bring down inflammation, right?

Of course, most types of surgery for ongoing, debilitating pain and loss of function from degenerative disc disease are fairly extensive, so it is usually in the best interest of most patients to manage their low back pain using non-surgical approaches and self-care. That’s where our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team comes in. Dr. Christensen can provide epidural injections of a long-lasting steroid (and sometimes other medications).

This enters directly through the epidural space that surrounds the spinal cord and the nerves just inside the spinal canal, extending from the neck to the base of the tailbone. The long-acting steroid injected reduces the inflammation and swelling of spinal nerves and other surrounding tissues in the epidural space. This may, in turn, reduce pain, tingling, numbness, and other symptoms caused by such inflammation, irritation, or swelling.

Dr. Christensen is very adamant about making certain that patients feel comfortable during this five to 10-minute procedure; therefore, if the idea of epidural injections scares you, know that intravenous sedation is available to make the procedure easier to tolerate.

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