Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers: Treatment With A Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Today, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team would like to shed some light on peripheral vascular disease. This condition is caused when fatty material inside blood vessels builds up, which is referred to as atherosclerosis. This means that there is a hardening of the arteries, which is what eventually causes peripheral vascular disease or a blood circulation disorder (in which blood vessels outside of a person’s heart and brain narrow, block, or spasm).

While this can actually happen in either the arteries or veins, it is known as the most common disease of the arteries. Pain from peripheral vascular disease is often felt by patients in their legs, but sometimes arteries, including those that supply blood to the kidneys, stomach, intestines, and arms, can be affected. Other symptoms of peripheral vascular disease include:

  • Cold feet

  • Blue discoloration

  • Stroke

  • Gangrene

If the condition is not treated, the affected body part can become permanently injured and die. Luckily, for certain patients, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team can provide relief to those with peripheral vascular disease. Dr. Christensen can provide lumbar sympathetic blocks or injections to calm the sympathetic nerves that go to the leg on the same side as the injection.

The sympathetic nerves are located on either side of the spine in the lower back, and normally control basic functions like regulating blood flow. The goal of the injection is to reduce pain, swelling, color, sweating, and other unusual changes in the lower extremities. In some cases, the lumbar sympathetic block may also improve mobility.

Dr. Christensen is very adamant about making certain that patients feel comfortable during the 10 to 30-minute procedure. That’s why the lumbar sympathetic block has a local anesthetic in it, as well as other medications. Some of the other medications can include epinephrine, clonidine, or a steroid medication that may be added to prolong the effects of the lumbar sympathetic block.

Tired of living in pain caused by peripheral vascular disease? Give our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers therapists a call at 405-751-0011 to see if a lumbar sympathetic block is right for you!

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