Ways to Reduce Your Herniated Disc Pain

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Most individuals with herniated disks in their backs feel pain relieved within 6 weeks. In the meantime, however, it can be exaggerating — especially if that individual moves in a manner that causes symptoms. Several prevalent activities cause herniated disk pain. Here are a few of them to prevent. Apart from that, you can also go for herniated disc treatment to get rid of the pain permanently.

Sitting on a sofa or soft chair you'd believe that sleeping on a smooth, sinking bed would bring comfort to your hurting back. However, sitting brings more stress on your spinal disks, particularly when slouching in a cushioned seat. You can stand or lie down to reduce pain for few moments as much as you can. Use a standing desk to do your job on your desktop. When you sit down, use a strong, non-reclining chair and tuck a lumbar support unit behind your lower back. You can also consult a back specialist in OKC.

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Doing laundry

A lot of stress your lower back can get while bending to pick up clothes, carrying a heavy basket, and reaching for different products, doing laundry puts a lot of stress on your lower back. Ask a friend or family member, if necessary, to assist while performing these jobs until your herniated disk heals. Many dry cleaners also give periodic laundry services.

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The repetitive forward motion often used to vacuum the ground can irritate your herniated disk. Instead of expanding your arm and bending your back, maintain your back straight and walk the vacuum across the ground; believe about your legs doing the job instead of your arms. Better yet, purchase a robot vacuum cleaner to do your job. You can set it with this device and forget about it.

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Feeding a Pet

It may seem like a simple task but bending down to fill a pet bowl with food and water is enough to cause a painful flare-up. If you are unable to delegate this duty to someone else, buy a specialty pet bowl with an expanded pipe or built-in assistance.

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Snowshoeing can worsen your disk pain, as it often includes heavy lifting, forward bending, and twisting— motions that can readily make your disks worse. If you can or can get assistance from a neighbor, use a snowblower.

While you may feel bad asking for favors, giving yourself time to heal will make you more independent in the long run.

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Try these activity-modifications and see if your herniated disk pain is lowered. However, if you are unable to bear the pain, you can opt for herniated disc treatment in Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers.

**Disclaimer: This blog post does not establish terms of a doctor-patient relationship and is not intended to be taken as a doctor's advice.