Pain Management Treatment- Why an Appropriate Treatment is Indispensable?

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Your injury was several months ago. You first saw your primary care provider sending you to a pain clinic. The pain clinic provider might have told you to come back after you went to the physical therapist. You subsequently underwent evaluations, and each of these providers began to care. You had this operation and this procedure. You have gone to physical therapy. You did it all in the hopes of finding and fixing the origin of the pain. But none of it worked. This indicates that you were unable to find good pain management doctors in OKC.

At best, some of them were effective for a few days or weeks, but the pain seemed to always return to the level it had previously been. You chose to go back to the surgeon. You underwent surgery and followed up with more physical therapy. You may have had to go through a revision of the operation a few months later. Perhaps the surgery did not help. Your pain may have been worse afterward. Or, maybe it worked for a few months, but the pain came back again. Then you go to another pain clinic, and you are told by the provider that you are suffering from chronic pain.

Why Such a Problem Takes Place?

Definitions of chronic pain often characterize it as a pain that lasts longer than three or six months and then leaves it at that. While the timeframe is precise, this definition leaves a lot out. There is more to chronic pain than just the time frame. Let's look at what's more and in a little bit come back to the timeframe.

The knowledge that your chronic pain indicates a shift in what your providers believe is the leading cause of your pain. If pain is chronic, the source of your pain is no longer the original injury that began the pain. Instead, the cause of the pain can be the nervous system. The problem is now associated with the nervous system rather than a simple orthopedic one.

The nervous system can alter once it has an injury and has pain. It can get stuck in a constant state of reactivity. The nervous system becomes so delicate over time that any small motion hurts and leaning on also becomes painful. You may feel pain while standing up or sitting down as well. It can be very irritating to suffer while doing easy and everyday work. The pain is acute because the nervous system is stuck in a constant state of reactivity. This state of reactivity has caused the nerves in the region of your original injury and the associated nerves in the spinal cord and brain to become susceptible. Therefore, easy activities become troublesome.

pain management doctors okc

Nonetheless, several medicines are efficient in the sense that they have all been shown in studies to either decrease pain or enhance functioning or decrease the need for continuing healthcare facilities, including the use of opioid medicines. The known efficient medications for chronic pain are as follows:

  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment

  • Relaxation exercises, including carefulness-based therapies

  • Mild aerobic exercises, including pool treatment

  • Anti-epileptic drugs

  • Antidepressant drugs, especially tricyclic antidepressants

  • When performed in a coordinated manner, these therapies are called chronic pain recovery programs.

The prevalent denominator of all these therapies is that they target the nervous system and decrease its reactivity over time. All of them have numerous clinical trials that show their efficacy.

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A few clinical trials of yoga and tai chi have recently been released demonstrating that these too are efficient. It seems reasonable considering their quiet impact on the nervous system.

You can come to Oklahoma Pain Treatment Center and consult the best pain management doctors in OKC. You can get rid of the pain permanently if you undergo appropriate treatment.

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