Exercise for Upper and Middle Back Pain

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The upper and middle back of the spine is 12 vertebras with discs separating and absorbs the shock, muscles, and ligaments holding the back together. The spine is known as the Thoracic spine.

Upper and middle back pain can happen from the base of your throat to your rib cage. The vertebras don't move or move as much as your lower back or neck bones are not as prevalent as the low back pain and neck pain. However, upper and middle pains can go sharp, just like a large number of other kinds of back pain and needs pain management in OKC.

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Causes of Upper and Middle Back Pain

Overuse, or damage to, thoracic spine muscles, ligaments and discs. For example, a drop or jolt in a car accident, being hit on the back, lifting or carrying something too heavy, reaching the shelf of objects, carrying a heavy backpack on one shoulder, repeated throwing, bending, twisting and even strong cough or sneezing. Contacting our pain management doctors in OKC would be the first step for healing.

Poor posture.  When you sit or stand, slump or slump, particularly when you use a laptop for a long time.

Pressure from issues like a herniated disk on the spinal nervous.

One of the vertebrae's fractures.

Osteoarthritis of the protective cartilage disintegration, which coats your spine façade joints. Often due to the degeneration of the disks that causes spine and wear.

Myofascial pain or muscle irritation that protects and includes a muscle or muscle group. Often this is because these muscles have been overused or deconditioned.

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Stretching and Exercise

Development and an active lifestyle are often suggested in order to decrease back pain and speed up recuperation after an injury. Improving stretching flexibility is also an outstanding way of preventing future injuries.

Movement Benefits

If you have back and mid back pain, there are many advantages of practicing. It includes –

  • Reduced muscle spasm and tension

  • Better blood flow to reduce inflammation

  • Soft tissue mobility

  • Less anxiety and emotional stress

  • After 10 minutes of exercise, the brain produces happy hormone with a nerve-calming effect.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is a back-extension exercise. It targets back extensor muscles attached to the spine back.

  • Lie down on your stomach and keep hands on push up position.

  • Now slowly raise the upper part of your body off the ground until elbows are straightened.

  • Keep lower part on the ground, hold this position for two to three seconds and repeat for ten times.

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Back Extension Exercise

Back extension exercise targets upper back muscles.

  • Lie down on your stomach and put a pillow under your hips.

  • Keeps hands straight back and clasp them together.

  • Raise head and chest off the ground.

  • Hold this position for five seconds and increase it for 20 seconds. Repeat ten times.

Cat-cow Pose

The cat-cow pose helps in relieving pain from the middle part of the spine.

  • Be on your hands and knees. Keep hands straight under the shoulders and knees under the hips, head straight in the same line with torso and spine.

  • Round your back and lift up spine to the ceiling, eyes on your belly and hold on for a deep breath.

  • Lift your chest slowly and tailbone to the ceiling slowly. Let your stomach sink toward the ground and your eyes to the ceiling.

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