Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers Reveals 5 Myths About Chronic Pain: Part 1

To an outsider looking in on someone who suffers from chronic pain, it is often difficult to understand what they are going through. It’s not always the same for everyone, as there are many different causes and symptoms of chronic pain. Furthermore, chronic pain is difficult to diagnose because it could be the result of many different problems. Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers patients often come to us seeking answers with no outwardly visible signs.

With that being said, it’s not something someone suffering from chronic pain would call “invisible” by any means. Most chronic pain sufferers have been lumped into one of the stereotypes that surround those suffering from their condition. To give perspective to people who have never experienced chronic pain, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team is reviewing five of the most common pain myths.

Over the course of the next few blogs, we’ll break down these myths.

Chronic Pain Myth #1: People with chronic pain are lazy.

At times, pain can be so intense that it forces chronic pain sufferers to sit out of activities they would normally enjoy doing. Unfortunately, people often perceive this time of much-needed rest and recuperation as either laziness or as a made-up excuse to get out of the activity in question.

The truth: Chronic pain is overwhelming! Even with the help of Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers therapy, medication, and treatments, chronic pain comes with good days and bad days. While physical therapy and forms of gentle exercise (swimming, yoga, stretches, etc.) can be beneficial, it is so important to listen to your body when you are in pain. People with chronic pain typically exert more energy to complete simple daily tasks that others take for granted. Chronic pain sufferers must learn to respect their own limitations and capabilities out of necessity, not laziness.

Joint injections may be able to offer relief for patients suffering from chronic pain. Our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers team is here to help. To book an appointment with one of our therapists, please give us a call at 405-751-0011.

To learn more about pain myths, stick around for part two of this blog series!

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