Injections For Ankle Gout By A Professional Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers Therapist

There are many new and chronic conditions which could cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the ankles. One common problem is arthritis, but did you know there are also several different types of arthritis? Today, our Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers article is about the problems and treatments for gout in the ankle.

A painfully inflamed joint is no fun to deal with, and that is exactly what happens when gout, a form of arthritis, takes over the ankle. The formation of gout usually starts due to excess uric acid that circulates in the bloodstream and accumulates as needle-shaped monosodium urate crystals in areas of the body, including the joints.

For many Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers patients, the first symptoms of gout are reported to appear as agonizing pain and swelling in the big toe. The ankles can become part of the equation after consecutive attacks occur. After years of battling this disease, lumps of uric acid (referred to as tophi), may form beneath the skin around the ankles.

When over the counter painkillers just aren’t enough to dull the pain, that’s when many patients begin seeking alternative treatment plans. For some patients, injections administered by our professional Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers therapist have been a suitable treatment option to reduce pain and inflammation. The flare-up from gout can be diminished for six weeks to six months, depending on the patient and the severity of the problem. That said, nearly all types of arthritis are chronic, and it is likely follow-up treatments will be necessary.

If you have new or ongoing pain in your ankles and you would like to see if interventional pain management will work for you, please feel free to make an appointment at Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers. We can be reached by calling 405-751-0011.

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